How long does a thatched roof last?

If you own a house in the UK then you most probably are familiar with its rough weather and what it can cost you overtimes. If you are worried about the longevity of your house roof than thatched roof is the easiest go-to option.

What is thatched roofing?

Thatched roofing is a way of building a roof with dry vegetation items like straw, water ridge, palm beach, dry leaves, heather, sedges, rushes, or any other water solvable items.

The idea of thatched roofing is to use an ingredient that will easily soak the water and make the roof waterproof for a long time as the vegetation stacks up and keeps the inner roof dry for a longer period of time.

How long does a thatched roof last

How long does thatched roof last in the UK?

In general, when its fully furnished by a roofing professional, a thatched roof may last as long as 50 years.

On an average, a thatched roof last for 40 to 50 years on typical British weather. However, you would need to replace the roof ridge on every 8 to 10 years for a better and natural waterproofing. 

Why are thatched roofs banned in London?

Even though thatched roofing is quite effective around the country as a cost-effective waterproofing solution it’s not appreciated in every part of the country.

for instance, thatched roofs are banned in London by building regulations of 1189. 

Once there was a terrible fire that took place in 1212 which took as many as 3000 lives in London. Hence that made the city issue a rule to ban all the existing thatched roofs and also banned any other roofs that should be made in the future using any vegetation item and which are allowed to make a fire within. 

Are there any thatched roofs in the UK?

There are as many as 80,000 thatched roofs in England right now. Even though it has been banned in several counties and major cities, it is still a popular solution to long term waterproofing.

A lot of people are willing to spend on it but not all of them are trying for felt roofing or any other luxurious roofing items.

In Netherlands there are about 200,000 houses that have a good thatched roof and the number is not going down anytime soon. 

Should you get a thatched roof?

If you are looking for waterproofing solution in the long run in any part of the country other than London, then Yes! it is a good idea.

In case you are living in Eastbourne of any part of Sussex you can have a great quote from us with a good discount and better guarantee.

However, you should take help from the experts before making any decisions. An expert professional such as Roofer Eastbourne will give you the proper estimate of the cost and effects of the situation.

Final Words

Thatched roofing is not a new concept in the market. If you are going for a waterproof roof, then you should consider thatched roofing. Even if you are not going to make one, it doesn’t hurt to get a free quote.

Its easy, effective and most importantly, its Free!

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